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Our Timber Story

The Taylor family have planted over 210,000 trees on their 1,200ha sheep and cattle property between 1980 and 2008. 

In 2008 there was a total of 80ha of treed area with 50ha being managed for high value timber production.  Jon and Vicki Taylor are sill involved with The Hill and in 2008 their son Michael took over management of the property. A further 30,000 trees have been planted with more diversity of species and selection of high-value timbers. Family stewardship of The Hill has now been in the family since 1840.
The Hill is continuing to be managed as an integrated agroforestry system.  Radiata pine has been the predominant species utilised on the farm, and will continue to be, due to it being the most commercially productive species available in the low rainfall area.

Radiata plantations are continually being established at The Hill; trees that are harvested are replanted.  The timber is harvested and treated to produce landscaping products such as treated sleepers.  Jon, Vicki and Michael bought a Mahoe sawmill in 2008 to process their own timber.  Jon and Vicki were also the first Australian treegrowers to import the Swedish Hiko trays to increase the seedling quality and cost of production on their property.  The plantings were placed across the property to provide maximum benefit to their wool and beef enterprises.
The Taylors are continually evolving their management techniques, and produce timber products which are governed by what the market demands.