Merino Wool

Consistently cleaner, brighter and stronger; guaranteed superfine and suitable for 100% next-to-skin comfort
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Radiata plantations are processed on site to produce landscaping products such as treated sleepers
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Pure bred traditional superfine Merino sheep and quality Angus beef cattle, grazed on natural open pastures
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"The Huts" Accommodation

' The Huts ' farm accommodation​ available on the property which sleeps groups of up to 16 people
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family owned & operated since 1840


The Taylor family history goes back to the early days of fine wool production in Australia. Taylors Run was one of the original properties established on the New England Tablelands. Today this region produces the largest percentage of top quality superfine wool in the world.

Back in 1839 two Scottish emigrants travelled to the distant shores of Australia. William Tydd Taylor born in Edinburgh, Scotland and his wife Margaretta Lucy Taylor born in Calcutta, India, settled in New England to begin a long tradition of fine wool growing on Taylors Run. From humble beginnings of 1000 sheep the Taylors now run over 22,000 super fine wool Merinos on some of the best fine wool growing country in the world. As we approach 180 years of wool growing the Taylors continue to strive to do better in an ever more competitive natural and economic environment.

Taylors Run is now represented by one of the six Taylor family farms. All properties are still owned and managed by direct descendants of William Tydd Taylor and the sheep are mostly of the same original bloodline that has been improved through selection and breeding for producing the premium quality superfine wool we sell today.

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